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Organic Bulgur Wheat Rice – 12kg Carton

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Full of fiber
Helps in weight control.
It helps to maintain proper health of the colon.
It aids the prevention and managing diabetes and heart diseases.
It helps to prevent breast cancer.



Wheat Rice is produced by parboiling wheat, and then coarsly drying it. The outer layers of the brand are then removed and the grains are cracked. Once cracked, it is ready to be boiled or steamed. When cooked, it retains its distinctive nutty flavor. Bulghur is commonly found on a Mediterranean table and is available in three differenet textures, fine, medium and coarse.

The World Health Organization has featured bulgur wheat rice as one of the 15 foods which should be consumed regularly. Perfect for adults and children, bulgur is a rich source of folic acid, fiber and vitamin B.
It is a low GI food and has a lower level of glycemic index compared to white rice.


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