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Premium Quality Duvet and Bed Sheets

The duvets that are common in Lagos and other Nigeria market are micro fibers with poor polyester sewn over them specifically for the poor African market. The real Duvet as obtainable in the US and UK is made up of an insert and Duvet Cover. This allows you to remove the insert and able to wash the cover regularly to avoid sleeping on a bed of bacterial. You can use your insert with different Covers. Our Inserts are specially made to be suited for Nigeria climate which means they are not too thick or too light. The Covers are Reversible which means you get two different great designs in one Duvet cover.

Easy Online Bed Sheet Shopping in Nigeria

Save yourself from the stress of  going to the market to find bedsheets. We deliver the exact bedsheets you want. For people who can afford it, Cotton Bedsheets is the best choice. It is soft, breathable, and has a nice weight to it, so won’t make you feel hot in summer but will keep you nice and cozy in winter Learn More 

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